This page is all about me, how wonderful isn’t that?!

So, who is this gal with a “not-so-normal-addiction-to-podcasts”?

I’m Laura!

A girl (woman soon) in her best years. I grew up and still live in Atlanta.

My dad used to take me out on regular hikes to the mighty Bartram Trail. When we set up camp, he used to tell me stories about his life (I am pretty sure he made up a few things). I guess that’s where my interest in the spoken language took form.

I also enjoy reading, but listening is something special. You hear to the voice of someone else, and it makes me feel like they are close. If I feel alone, listening to a podcasts makes it better.

I work in IT support, where I mainly do support through email and chats. Therefore, my dark secret is that I listen to podcasts while working. That means I can listen to quite a lot of them. I mean A LOT.

So, I decided to share my passion and knowledge about podcasts and write down my favorite ones here.

But, podcasts are not my only obsession. I am also a “fashionista” and spend way too much of my hard earned monies on clothes.

Anyway, would love to connect with my fellow podders. Hit me up on Twitter or my contact form.