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Top 17 Health Podcasts

Feeling healthy? No? One step to learn more and be inspired to become healthier is… listening to health podcasts! Here are my top podcasts for increasing your well-being. 1. The Rich Roll Podcast The show’s host Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete and he’s a vegan. Can you imagine how hard it is to excel as […]

Top 17 Business Podcasts

Are you a businessman/woman? Want to join the life-learning club? Well, then I got you covered with this list of the 17 best business podcasts. These hand-picked cherries are a perfect listen, on for example, your daily commute. 1. The $100 MBA If you missed out on getting your MBA and are thinking, “How will […]

Top 17 Political Podcasts

I am not surprised you are on the search for the best political podcasts. Because Aristotle once said: “Man is by nature a political animal.” Well, good news for you and Aristotle. I have put together a list of my favorite political ramblers. Be prepared to agree, disagree, love and hate these prominent political podders. […]

Top 17 Comedy Podcasts

Why would you want to listen to comedy podcasts? It is the same as asking: Do you want to be sad or happy? If you are like most people, you want to be happy. So, how do I become happy, you then ask. Well. Listen to comedy podcasts, I then answer. If you regularly listen to […]

Top 21 Baseball Podcasts

Are you at a baseball game right now? Eating peanuts and cracker jacks? If not, no need to worry. Instead of waiting for the next perfect home run, you can enjoy baseball by listening to baseball podcasts. Might not be as fun as those warm-up songs before a game. But, they will surely keep your baseball […]