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Top 17 Gaming Podcasts

The world has more than 2.5 billion video gamers. Experts predict that tablets and smartphones will still continue to dominate the global games market by the year 2020. This is why gaming podcasts also continue to increase in number along with the rise of video games. Today, you will no longer find yourself asking “What […]

17 Medical Podcasts That Won’t Bore You to Death

Looking for interesting medical podcasts? Maybe you’re a struggling med student or someone who’s been in the profession for too long. You need a break from the stress of studying or from the monotony of your work. Or maybe you’re just someone purely interested in the field. It doesn’t matter. Here, I’ve hand-picked 17 best […]

Top 17 Podcasts for Learning

Podcasts are part of the many “good” aspects of this digital world we live in. Instead of bombarding yourself with self-esteem reducing updates from your social networking sites, listen to podcasts. They are the best alternative when textbooks become too heavy both in terms of price and physical weight. Besides, whatever it is that you […]

Top 17 Podcast for Kids

Listening to a podcast can be beneficial for you and your kids. It can replace or minimize screen time. It can also keep the kids entertained during the long drive or a sort of bonding for the family. But most of all, it can help your kids academically. Your kids and even you can learn […]

13 Best Podcasts for Sleep

At the end of the day, do you ever feel like your body’s this rheumatic 80+-year-old that just wants to hit the sack and sleep forever? But the moment you lie down, your brain suddenly becomes this hyped college party maniac and goes, “Oh no, you don’t! We’re gonna party all night!” And it does […]

15 Best Podcasts for “Toxic” 2018

We’re about to say goodbye to 2018. Sadly, Oxford Dictionaries has chosen “toxic” as the word of the year. Maybe you’re feeling it too, but let’s not get into that and instead spread good vibes. I say detox with your ears! Start listening to stuff that makes you feel good, informed and empowered. And maybe […]

Top 17 Story Podcasts

We never outgrow listening to stories. Whatever the mood you’re in, there’s always that story we can relate to or enjoy. In today’s world, you don’t even need to stop what you’re doing to listen to a good story. Podcasts make this experience convenient. The only question is: in the vast audio library begging for […]